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Absolutely everybody can help by pointing (e.g. forwarding) everybody to this site or just mentioning this first ever seriously effective WHO recommended method.

A very warm welcome to OUR Forum.

This still nascent forum is meant to rapidly become the Home / Nerve Centre of our -campaign, to exchange your and everybody’s ideas and offers to help with finding, approaching, informing and providing timely testing to the

300,000 pregnant women in remote areas, who have no access to health services
and which same number are therefore dying over EVERY 12 months period.

The essential first part of this important, directly and soon sustainably lives-saving objective has been achieved by Professor of Obstetrics Andrew Shennan, OBE at King’s College London and St Thomas Hospital, London, and his highly effective team of experts over 6 years developing the uniquely MOBILE, purpose-built, for long-life durability, yet affordable device, now expressly WHO-recommended for early stage development areas as the essential tests to prevent most frequent, potentially fatal pregnancy irregularities.

Based on 2, visionary, early stage hi-tec development grants , totalling $US 1.1 million, from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Cradle VSA Device is now used in 10,000 + and fast growing field applications from the industrial volume production by MicroLife AG, Swiss global leader in small scale professional testing devices.

The currently most active large projects where the (overnight USB-rechargeable) devices are in constant use in rough, high volume environments are:  Uganda with some of Africa’s largest refugee settlements (6x 250,000) where some  settlement members have learned and partially taken over the testing and Sierra Leone, the country with the currently still highest global Maternal Mortality rate as the first ever country-wide testing program for the whole childbearing-age population. This project as requested by the Sierra Leone government and mainly UK funded.

The unique Cradle VSA device is now available in for collection in London, England for non-profit users at cost of currently £UK Pounds Sterling  40 each (less some- times possible discount for clearly defined, non- profit applications).

Also obtainable to most registered global postal addresses, including pre-quotable courier fees for the 20 x19 x 06 cm boxes,  Please find “Request for quotes” – form here.


LIVE Interview of Professor Shennan, OBE and Dr Katy Kuhrt MD, demo-ing facts July 2020 level : that 40 – 60% of Maternal Mortalities can be prevented by timely use of Cradle VSA testing and that relatively easy,  non-invasive use of Cradle VSA can be learned by non traditional medically trained operators from amply provided YouTube online training material

This, OUR FORUM, is now ready, to, hopefully with your and many 00s others’ free inputs and collaboration proposals, achieving the 2nd VITAL PART of this global and then sustainable lives -saving movement:, The clear objective for this stage is, to pro-actively search for and reach growing numbers for testing of those at acute or potential risk of Maternal Mortality in mostly remote regions of all countries in early stages of development.

That is a huge task and can only be mastered by many individual inputs from different aspects on different sides and without availability of any overall marketing budget.

But it also has some advantages over typically more systematic plans and  this is where hopefully everybody will start contributing their ideas and activities

Characteristics of this Project, Sustainability even from “small” steps

BEFORE SHYING AWAY from the size of this task, let’s remember, that the target is to bring Maternal Mortality (“ MM”)  in “our” target countries down to near the small 1-2 digit numbers of mortalities over 100,000 healthy births, considered normal in “developed” countries.

But even the very first step towards just a part of 1% (3000 lives! ) of the ideal goal, will be the first Mother s lives saved and that will normally include the babies who can grow up in the care of their mothers and avoiding the breakup of motherless families.

Growing sustainability: each saved mother should add to the reputation of our whole project and through our, by then quite active and professionally supported grapevine, that will add to positive awareness developing a multiplication factor in finding more cases.

Our project is also relatively independent of target time constraints imposed by outsiders, (other than as by the phase of individual pregnancy conditions). Instead progress should develop in direct proportion to our own combining efforts. It will start on a flat curve while getting organised searching for our potential beneficiaries but could rise steeply in proportion to our increasing results attracting attention in different places.

And our project is not risking destruction by anything like new waves of infections, or sudden unavailability of expensive special medication. Instead, after some demonstrable progress, hopefully more aspiring midwives wanting to get involved or other well meaning individuals, who have learned to do  the testing, becoming keen to start regular mobile work with the Cradle VSA devices to apply their skills more widely.

I also hope that, once we show even a few results, more donors will offer cradle VSA devices and possibly serious match fundraising  club partnerships developing for those situations, where other, more expensive methods are required, ideally leading to some more advanced installations for basic surgery within emergency reach within wide, but accessible regions.

In any case, for now because of the naturally changing conditions of all cases, typically wide- spread over remote areas of mostly difficult infrastructure and travelling conditions, our, i.e. hopefully including your approach can only be opportunistic or “semi-systematic” .

That means: by as many of us as possible helping with knowledge and actually online research and even informal information gathering into as much as possible about local conditions in all those by definition remote areas, simultaneously obtaining advice, guidance and locally relevant introductions from as many as possible who have any connection with anybody, who has any connection in  those countries and ideally getting close to the areas, where these tragedies must be known to happen.

Rotary International had already agreed to feature this item as one of the Break-Out Sessions at the June 2020 Rotary International Annual Global convention in Honolulu and, when Honolulu was cancelled, greatly helped us with its “Virtualisation”  to become our July 2020 short notice replacement webinar.which  is still  available on this web site

However, My greatest hope is for and herewith my most urgent plea goes to our Rotaractor colleagess, who have regularly impressed me with novel initiatives at all conventions (e.g. Toronto “Ask me about Nakivale” badges and Hamburg already presentation by that same Nakivale Rotaract Club’s founding president) also more recently the lively founding party of the ambitious “Rotaract E Club of Britain and Ireland”(which I also enjoyed and with extensive attendance by 2020 RI president Holger! )

Not only assuming that Rotaractors have a particularly good understanding of the MM problem through similarity in age group, I also hope that their impressive mobility and flexibility and Rotaract lateral global thinking, will induce them to help, e.g. currently online and later personal training of testing operators, and perhaps even run a small feature at the 2021 Rotaract pre-convention, which I have already booked to attend

Possibly also for a Rotaract representative welcome to join our panel at the sponsored session on “Reducing Maternal Mortality by Mobile Diagnostics” soon being planned for Taipeh.

And with Rotary after almost 120 years of history finally beginning in 2023 to practice its already well established gender equality at the very top, we hope for extra support.

However, this whole initiative is clearly not at all restricted to Rotary or any specific organisation, instead hoping for participation by many different organisations and individuals, eg. including ex-patriates keen to give something tangible back to their countries of origin and liking the thought that a specialised testing device for pregnancy irregularities can only be used for that good purpose and therefore unlikely to end in the wrong hands. is clearly meant to be open and herewith appealing to everybody well meaning, willing and able to help, even just with the now crucial awareness raising. That can actually be an interesting opportunity for anybody interested to learn about Rotary’s completely secular, widely diverse, totally global membership (valid in all countries) and gender equality (see 2023 RI Presidency!) membership and global voluntary project work.

In any case the now essential raising of awareness of can be achieved by everybody, who has any connection with (or with anybody who has any connection with….) developing  countries, by forwarding or sharing this message, that will enable everybody who is well-meaning in wanting to help this at no cost to get the new method being used, where it is so badly needed to start preventing these 300,000 annual (800 daily!) Maternal Mortalities.

Please view the “Cradle VSA device” section of this site for all technical details and the fact that the device incurs  virtually no running costs being rechargeable on a USB cable for approx..200 tests and can do  500 per week Some earlier delivered have already been used in 500,000 tests each.

Very much looking forward to meeting you in our forum.


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